Exterior House Painting Royal Palm Beach

Exterior House Painting Royal Palm Beach


Exterior House Painting Royal Palm Beach will come out and give you a free estimate of your house or business, the first thing we ensure is that we are flexible in ensuring a time and date that suits you. We also guarantee to show up. There is nothing more frustrating than taking time off work to meet with a Painting Contractor, only for them to not show up. Our time is just as important as yours.

When Anthony comes to your home or business, you will be greeted with a friendly well presented, well spoken painting professional. Anthony is the owner of ARC Painting Royal Palm Beach and takes a very active role in ensuring his clients are 100% happy. This is done throughout the whole process whilst dealing with ARC Painting. From the beginning of the free estimate to the final walk around. As a family owned and run Exterior House Painting Royal Palm Beach Painting Company, we do not believe in sending sales reps out to do our estimates as we try to take a more personal approach when dealing with our painting clients. Once we arrive at your house for your exterior painting estimate the first thing we endeavor to do is get a thorough idea of what you actually want done. Once we have established the scope of work you wish us to perform, Anthony will go over several different house painting processes ARC Painting can do to achieve these results, including the importance of choosing the right quality and brands of paint for the interior or exterior painting of your home. Exterior House Painting Royal Palm Beach will make sure you are 100% comfortable before any exterior painting is to be performed.

If it is an exterior paint job that you require, Anthony does several tests whilst there at your house to establish the condition of your exterior walls. This is a very important part of the estimation process as depending on whether your house has peeling/failing paint, mildew, cracks or chalking will depend on the particular preparation work ARC Painting will perform to ensure the best results, longevity of our work being a high priority. For either peeling, chalking or mildew a thorough pressure clean with at least 4000 will be necessary for obtaining the best and long lasting results. All loose, peeling, chalk and mildew must be removed prior to exterior painting. If however your exterior walls are in good condition, a light pressure wash to simply remove, dirt, cobwebs, contaminants and other debris would be sufficient. If one were to pressure clean the exterior of a house before painting and did not remove loose paint, it would just be a waste of money to the customer. There are a lot of lazy painting contractors that will not go that extra step because of the time it takes to do a thorough cleaning. I have come across several houses in my 30 years experience where the existing exterior paint on the house seems to be in good condition only to find out that it is not adhering to the surface and there is air between the paint and the surface. This is due to poor prep work. If the existing paint is floating on the surface and one was to give it a normal pressure washing, apply an exterior sealer and top of the line paint, the final results would be exactly the same prior to painting. Once the old paint starts to peel off, it will take the new paint with it. There is absolutely nothing that can be done to make peeling, loose, floating or any failing paint stick to a surface. It must all be remove and you must start from a sound surface. Once the surface is free of all failing exterior paint, then the sealer should be applied. All exterior sealers should be tinted (not clear)  This not only ensures that the painting contractor actually sealed the exterior of your house but it also contributes to achieving the final color.

If cracks are found to be present in the masonry an Elastomeric Patching Compound would be necessary to fill these. Elastomeric Patching Compound will stretch up to 300%. This means that if the cracks continue to open up over time, the Elastomeric will expand too keeping the masonry intact and not susceptible to water intrusion. Anthony will then thoroughly check the condition of the caulking around each window. Any failing or loose caulking will be removed and a Polyurethane Sealant will be applied to ensure the windows are water tight.

If you have gutters currently installed on your house, when we paint the exterior or your house in Royal Palm Beach, they will match the surface they are attached to as gutters are not for decoration.                 Exterior House Painters Royal Palm Beach will make sure your house is aesthetically pleasing in every way.

We will then calculate how much Exterior Paint we would need to complete the job. Since paint prices can vary anywhere from 15 dollars a gallon to over 75 dollars a gallon, we will provide you with an estimate that best fits your budget and needs. When we send you your proposal via email, we will also send you our Painting Contractors License from Palm Beach County, Liability Insurance, and Workers Compensation Insurance. We also send you some valuable information that any homeowner/business owner should know when looking for a contractor. We have found this to be very helpful for our clients (regardless of whether we do the job) and have had many clients call us to thank us for helping them avoid a potential disaster, in hiring an unlicensed Exterior Painting Contractor posing as a licensed Painting Contractor. If you were to make the mistake of hiring an unlicensed Painting Contractor you would be liable for any injury they may sustain on your property as well as any damage they may cause to yours and neighboring properties. This could potentially cause you financial ruin. IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO HIRE A LICENSED PAINTING CONTRACTOR. We will also send you some links to help you do your own research to see whether or not the other House Painters you are considering to paint your house have all the proper documentation needed.

exterior house painting royal palm beach

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