House Painters Boynton Beach

House Painters Boynton Beach

house painters boynton beach
House painters Boynton Beach has been providing house painting services to Boynton Beach since 1993. Our professional house painters are experts in paint application and can help you choose paint colors and the type of paint that best suits your decor and lifestyle. For example, we recommend that we apply a higher gloss interior wall paint to walls in rooms where the walls may be touched, bumped or scuffed, or just have a higher potential to get dirty, like in a kitchen or small entryway where you family and guests may use the wall to support themselves as the remove their shoes.

If you would like a free, no obligation house painting estimate for Interior or Exterior house painting, please call or fill out the blow form and I will personally get back to you today. Also ARC Painting the best House Painters Boynton Beach company:

Due to the unfortunate event that happened in 2017 such as hurricane Irma, Palm Beach County has made operation as an unlicensed painting contractor very difficult. Every year all Painting contractors have to renew their licenses with the county they hold a license in. ARC Painting and House Painters Boynton Beach always get their license renewed even though the renewal process is not very easy. All Insurance coverage must be verified by the county before a new license is issued and House Painters Boynton Beach and ARC Painting are always covered.  All licensed painting contractors is Palm Beach County and Broward County must prove that they carry a minimum of 2 million in liability insurance and are fully covered by workers compensation insurance. The county much receive proof via email directly from the insurance agency. Gone are the days of a copy sent from the contractors that can easily be forged. All licensed painting contractors are required to send in a passport sized photo along with other supporting documents because starting September 2017 all Licensed Painting Contractors will be issued a new license with their photo  I.d on it. This is a huge step in preventing so called contractors from committing fraud. However, this only works if the potential client knows the rules and regulations. Most people do not even realize that one must be licensed by the county and not only pass an extensive exams but also a background check. All these steps are take to protect the public but unfortunately there are still ways people get scammed by unlicensed painting contractors. One thing is for sure, you never have to worry about licenses or insurance when hiring ARC Painting the best House painters in Boynton Beach
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