House Painters Royal Palm Beach

“Dear Royal Palm Beach Neighbors, I’m so confident that you will be a Happy client, that I won’t ask you for a deposit… nothing due until the job is done and you are completely HAPPY!

If you are looking for your home to be repainted on the interior or exterior in Royal Palm Beach, ARC Painting of Royal Palm Beach is the only House Painters you want. We use only top of the line material, our painters all have at least 7 years experience. ARC Painting of Royal Palm Beach is the only Royal Palm Beach House Painters that you pay when the job is complete.

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House Painters West Palm Beach
Interior and Exterior house painting contractors


“Dear Royal Palm Beach Neighbors,

My Family of house painters caters to Royal Palm Beach’s East and West communities, and we come well recommended.

Call me, Anthony Caucci, right now! Let my Family and I paint the Interior, or Exterior of your home with Exceptional Quality, Unwavering Integrity, & our 100% Happiness Guarantee, just as we have for so many of your neighbors since 1992. 

“I feel the capacity to care about our work, and the people we work for is the thing which gives life its deepest significance.”


Press here to call me, Anthony Caucci, right now!


Your recommendations were great. Some of them I would have never thought of. We are still in the process of implementing some ideas. I want to tell you that we did use Anthony Caucci of ARC Painting Florida to remove the wallpaper, skim coat the walls and to paint both interior and the exterior of our home.  He and his crew did an absolutely fantastic job. The walls look great and his crew was professional and very clean.”

~ Brian & Edith, Royal Palm Beach, FL

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House Painters Royal Palm Beach

Interior House Painting Royal Palm beach is a very competitive market. So before hiring a house painter in Royal Palm Beach one should do a little research first. House painters must be properly licensed, bonded and insured. House painting contractors in Royal Palm Beach must first fill out an application through the county before even being considered to be able to obtain a license for Palm beach County. The application process is quite extensive for one to qualify as a Royal Palm Beach House Painter. Since there are so many unlicensed and uninsured house painters, Palm Beach county takes this process very seriously. The fist requirement to become  house painters in Royal Palm Beach is experience with interior painting and exterior painting. Palm Beach County requires at least 2 years of interior painting and exterior painting experience before you can take the test. Then the county will do a thorough criminal background check on the paint company applicant. Then then Palm Beach County will also do a civil background check to make sure that the applicant has never been sued for negligence and does not have any liens against them from financial institutions. Once the application is approved, He or She must take a 4 hour written house painting examination before becoming a Royal Palm Beach house painter.


Interior House Painting Royal Palm Beach

When choosing a professional painting contractor to do work in your Royal Palm Beach House. You want to make sure that before you start the job, the painting contractor you are going to hire dose not subcontract the work out to an unlicensed contractor. This is often the case however, ARC Painting does not do this. Here is how that process works. A licensed interior house painter will sign a contract with you the client then hire cheap labor and contract. This unfortunately is is legal but if the people coming to do the interior painting are not employees of the company you hire you should take this into consideration. Interior House Painting is a very skilled finishing trade. You can invest thousands of dollars into making it look fantastic only to be disappointed at the final outcome of the interior house painting. Look at it like this. Paint is the skin of your house and everyone wants beautiful skin. So please take the time to to get the proper documents from the contractor such as license and insurance before doing any interior painting in your Royal Palm Beach House. Do not just be satisfied with a photocopy of an insurance certificate, have the interior painting contractor send you a copy of his current interior house painting insurance directly from the insurance company.  When I Anthony Caucci the owner of ARC Painting Royal Palm Beach come to you house. I with go over the several options you have that is perfect for your budget. If the house we will be painting is your permanent resident I will explain to you the difference between quality of interior paint and the several brands there are to choose from. Then we will discuss sheen levels. For interior painting there is Flat, Matt, Eggshell, Low Luster, Semi-gloss and gloss just to name a few. However, if you plan on selling your Royal Palm Beach House or are going to be renting it out, you may not want to spend to much money on the Interior House Painting Project. Residential House Painting is not a simple business as many people think. Like i said before. The paint is like the skin of your Home. So let ARC Painting of Royal Palm Beach give your Royal Palm Home a beautiful face lift.

The test is divided into two parts. The fist part is on the application of different paint coatings and the second part is on OSHA safety, workers compensation, and tax laws. The process of becoming a licensed house painter is not a easy as one might think. That is why there are so many unlicensed Royal Palm Beach house painters. So before you hire someone to paint your house in Royal Pam Beach, make sure you hire a Licensed painting contractor.

BEWARE: Do Not Hire a painting company who went down to city hall and paid 25 dollars and only has a business license. Anybody can do that, And this is how some Royal Palm Beach house painters operate. They skip the entire application process, pay 25 dollars for an occupational license never purchase the proper insurance or pass the State Exams and then call themselves licensed and insured Royal Palm Beach house painters.

When it comes to painting your house in Royal Palm Beach, you want to make sure it is done properly. There are some very honest Painting Contractors and some very dishonest ones too. But I guess that goes for every business.

Here are a few things to look for when choosing your Royal Palm Beach Painting Contractor:

First make sure they provide you will all the proper licensees and insurance. You can double check the documents they give you by calling the county or going online to look up the house painters you are considering.

One you have decided on which house painter of Royal Palm Beach you are going to use get a detailed proposal on the scope of work they are going to do. There can be a significant difference between proposals from different Royal Palm Beach house painters.

Exterior House Painters Royal Palm Beach

On the exterior of a house you can easily find that one Royal Palm Beach house painter is charging you one thousand dollars more than another Royal Palm Beach house painter. There can be several factors that come into play. Quality of material, how much prep work will be done, how many coats, and are they licensed and insured. So before choosing your house painter in Royal Palm Beach do a little research. It can save you lots of time, money, and big headaches.

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