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House Painters West Palm Beach Only provides top quality Interior and Exterior Painting Services. ARC Painting Contractors has a team of Professional Interior and Exterior West Palm Beach  Painters that will guarantee you are 100% Happy. We are so confident in our work that we won’t ask for a deposit. Payment is due when the job is done and you are completely happy. ![ezcol_1half][/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]

House Painters West Palm Beach
Interior and Exterior house painting contractors


“Dear West Palm Beach Neighbors,

ARC Painting of West Palm Beach. We cater to upscale West Palm Beach’s East and West communities, and we come well recommended.

Call me, Anthony Caucci, right now! Let my Family of West Palm Beach  Interior and Exterior Painting experts paint your home with Exceptional Quality, Unwavering Integrity, & our 100% Happiness Guarantee, just as we have for so many of your West Palm Beach neighbors since 1992. .

“I feel the capacity to care about our work, and the people we work for is the thing which gives life its deepest significance.”


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Arc Painting is the most professional house painting company in West Palm Beach. Arc Painting’s work ethic is outstanding. It was a pleasure working with them. Aside from the extremely neat and clean painting job, they were very helpful and informative about the whole house painting process.”

~ Dennis K., West Palm Beach, FL

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House painters west Palm Beach

House Painters West Palm Beach Is ranked No. 1 interior and exterior painting. ARC Painting will come to your West Palm Beach Home to give you a free painting estimate. Our Residential Painting Services include interior and exterior painting. House Painters West Palm Beach is a fully licensed and insured painting company and has been in the painting contracting business for over 40 years. The owner of House Painters West Palm Beach is a third generation painting contractor. His father and grandfather were both painting contractors and have done jobs all over the state. House Painters of West Palm Beach only provides quality workmanship and only uses the best paints.

Interior House Painters

When it comes to Interior house painters in West Palm Beach is very important that the West Palm Beach Home painting company your choose is completely certified and licensed. There are a lot of painting contractors in West Palm Beach that are working illegally. Making sure the interior or exterior painting company you hire has the correct painting insurance is very important. One painting accident can cost you thousands of dollars if the painting contractor is not properly insured. When deciding on which interior or exterior painting company to hire, always check their credentials through the county, don’t just take their word for it. It is sad to say that there are many companies that are not very honest. Also, if a West Palm Beach House Painting Company asks you for a deposit before the work has begun, do not hire them. Any West Palm Beach Painting Company that can not operate without a deposit is probably not financially sound and that means they are probably not the best fit for you interior and exterior painting. needs in West Palm Beach

interior house painters

exterior painters

Let’s talk a little about Exterior Painters in West Palm Beach. The process we use when painting the exterior of your West Palm Beach Home. First, ARC House Painters of West Palm Beach will come to your home to do a thorough check of all the surfaces that are to be painted prior to the estimate. The price for exterior painting is not determined by square footage but rather the time it takes and the cost of the material. If a painting company provides an exterior painting quote solely on the square footage, they are not paying attention to the most important aspect of the job which is preparation of the surface prior to painting. Professional exterior painters need to determine how extensively the house must be prepared prior to painting. Let me give you and example, if there are two identical homes and one has not been painted of 15 years and the other was painted 5 years ago, the prep work for the house most recently painted will be minimal. Older homes usually have more paint peeling and mildew so just the pressure cleaning alone will take longer. If the older home has very chalky surfaces then a sealer must be used, a house that was just painted 5 years ago many not need this step. So if a West Palm Beach House Painting company prices all jobs the same using a square foot formula you can guarantee they cut corners when they have a house that is in bad shape. Only professional exterior painters are the one you should use when painting your west palm beach home.

exterior painters
Exterior Painters


Exterior Painting West Palm Beach

Exterior House Painting West Palm is what ARC Painting specializes in. We at House Painters West Palm Beach provide several tests whilst there at your house to establish the condition of your exterior walls. This is a very important part of the estimation process as depending on whether your house has peeling/failing paint, mildew, cracks or chalking will depend on the particular preparation work the Exterior House Painting West Palm Beach team will perform to ensure the best results, longevity of our work being a high priority. For either peeling, chalking or mildew a thorough pressure clean with at least 4000 will be necessary for obtaining the best and long lasting results. If however your exterior walls are in good condition, a light pressure wash to simply remove, dirt, cobwebs, contaminants and other debris would be sufficient. If cracks are found to be present in the masonry an Elastomeric Patching Compound would be necessary to fill these. Elastomeric Patching Compound will stretch up to 300%. This means that if the cracks continue to open up over time, the Elastomeric will expand too keeping the masonry intact and not susceptible to water intrusion. Anthony will then thoroughly check the condition of the caulking around each window. Any failing or loose caulking will be removed and a Polyurethane Sealant will be applied to ensure the windows are water tight.

Finally, when deciding you choose the right West Palm Beach painting contractors to paint the interior or exterior of your home or business, meeting the owner of the company face to face is always a good idea. Painting contractors come a dime a dozen and but finding a professional painting company is not very easy. Just remember you can spend thousands of dollars remodeling your home only to have the final outcome be a disaster because you went cheap on the painter. Remember, paint is the skin of your house and everyone wants beautiful skin. So when you are ready to tackle your next painting project, call me Anthony at ARC Painting. We are a Christian Base Painting Company


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