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Interior house painting in Wellington is ARC Painting specialty. We pride ourselves on making sure our customers are 100% happy with our interior house painting. We use the finest products from Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore or another brand or your preference. ARC Painting will ensure that your home is in good hands from the moment we start the job until the day you are 100% happy. All of our employees are experienced professionals with the highest attention to detail.

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Does Interior Paint Quality Matter?

Most of the calls we get for drywall are from folks that have sustained some type of water damage to the drywall. This type of drywall damage is easiest to repair because in most cases the entire sheet of drywall just needs to be replaced as opposed to being repaired. Drywall sheets are typically 4ft X 8ft and can be replaced and painted in an afternoon.

Drywall Mold Remediation and Repair

Our second most common call for is drywall mold removal. If you have mold, you’ll want to call us right away as mold (especially black mold) can make you, your loved ones and even your pets, very sick. In some case we can have the mold treated and killed via a special cleaning process, but in other cases it might just be best to remove the affected drywall and replace it with new drywall.

Drywall Construction – Room Additions – Wall Removal

Our third most common drywall call is to either put up a wall, or take down a wall. If you’re adding a room, or want to expand and join two existing rooms, having us manage the removal of the drywall separating the two rooms is something we can handle for you. You’ll never want to attempt any type of drywall demolition yourself unless you’re a licensed contractor because there may be (and probably are) electrical wires and perhaps even plumbing behind your drywall. Cutting an electrical wire can result in fire and/or death. And of course damaging the plumbing behind the drywall can lead to water damage and flooding.

Drywall makes up a good 50% of your home or office, and yet it is something that most people know very little about. Drywall texture and drywall finish are often ignored because of the effort a home owner would need to take in order to repair the drywall. A hole in need of drywall repair can completely ruin a room’s appearance, and if there is a texture involved, it becomes a literal nightmare to match exactly.

If you have drywall in your home that wasn’t finished correctly, applying a drywall texture can add both depth and balance to a room. Interior House Painters Wellington will guide you through every step of your painting project.

Drywall is common to your home’s interior walls and ceilings and is made of a paper liner wrapped around a chalk-like plaster. The plaster is mixed with fiber (typically paper and/or fiberglass), foaming agent, various additives that increase mildew resistance, fire resistance, and is also water resistant. Because drywall is made mostly of plaster, when an accident occurs leaving a hole in the wall, it’s not necessary to replace the entire drywall panel and a drywall repair can be made by using plaster to repair the damaged area. Depending on the size of the hole, we can simply patch the hole by filling the hole with plaster via a plastering spatula. For larger drywall repairs, we may have to use an additional piece of drywall that we’ll cut to fit the size of the hole and use plaster to fill in the gaps and keep the drywall repair in place. In either case, after we make the drywall repair and re-apply texture (if any) and paint, you’ll not be able to notice that there was a repair to your wall or ceiling.

If your drywall damage is beyond repair, like in the case of water damage or fire, we can have the entire drywall panel replaced. Full sized drywall sheets are typically available in 4 ft wide by 8ft tall sheets, but can also be cut to accommodate a variety of lengths to fit your ceiling height, or length in the case of ceiling drywall repair and replacement. Larger sheets of drywall make for faster installation, since they reduce the number of seems that need to be finished.

If you want to sound proof a noisy teenager’s room, two layers of drywall can be installed, which also serves to better insulate a room for heat or cold thus saving you on utility costs.


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