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House Painters Boynton Beach will paint the interior and exterior of your home with unwavering quality and our 100% Happiness Guarantee We are so confident that you will be happy with the house painting services we provide you that we wont even ask you for a deposit. That’s right… You pay us when we have completed the painting of the interior or exterior of your Boynton Beach home. ARC Painting is a fully licensed and insured painting company that has been painting  the interior and exterior of residential houses in Boynton Beach for over 28 years.

    There are many painting companies to choose from but none of them can compare  to ARC Paintings professionalism and quality workmanship. You’ll not see many houses like this one in Boynton Beach but you can take comfort in knowing that if home owners like these trust  ARC Painting to paint their home, you can trust us to paint your house too. One of the reason your Boynton neighbors refer us to their family and friends is because of the many steps we take to prepare your Boynton Beach homes to be painted. That’s right, we don’t just show up and slap the paint on as there are several paramount steps that must first be taken to insure that the exterior house paint we apply will last 8 to 10 years in the hot and humid Boynton Beach sun and humidity. Exterior House Painting Boynton Beach is Boynton Beaches No.1 painting company.

    residential house painters boynton beach

    Here are just a few of the extra steps we at House Painters Boynton Beach take in exterior house painting Boynton Beach that are paramount in the exterior house painting application:

    • Pressure wash the entire exterior of your home to remove dirt, dust and old chipping paint
    • Plastic wrap windows, light fixtures and any other exterior appendages that you’ll not want paint splattered on
    • Seal and repair any existing wall or foundation cracks with stucco
    • Spray apply a sealer to provide an extra measure of assurance that the paint we apply will adhere to your home’s surface
    • and many more…

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