Wood Staining

Wood Staining

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Unlike paint which lays on top of the surface, stains actually penetrate the surface. Stains are used to give a particular type of appearance. For example one might have a cabinet made of pine wood which is very inexpensive but wants it to look like mahogany. By applying a mahogany stain and a finish coat of urethane or varnish the finish product would look exactly like a mahogany cabinet. This can save you a significant amount of money. Stained wood gives your residence, office or work place a feeling of class without the high cost associated with natural wood.

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The Caucci’s are house painters and painting contractors that pride themselves on providing their customers with the highest level of interior painting and exterior painting. Add to that our uncompromising level of customer service, and Happiness Guarantee.

From drywall repair, to floor staining, to painting roofs, we are house painting professionals that will go above and beyond, to ensure that you are not merely satisfied with your interior painting, or exterior painting… we want you to be HAPPY.

The owner, Anthony Cauuci will not only oversee your house painting project from start to finish, but he also works along side the other house painters on every job to ensure perfection, so you are guaranteed the same high level of workmanship every time you call him.


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